Breathe : Abbi Glines

This book is the first in the series called Seabreeze, by Abbi Glines. Breathe is about a girl named Sadie White and a boy named Jax Stone.

Jax is a rockstar, who comes down for to Seabreeze, Alabama every year for the summer.  Jax doesn’t let anyone know who he really is. In his summer house, he only has a select few people who are hired there. Jax doesn’t go out much, so he doesn’t meet knew people much. Until Sadie.

Sadie White is a semi-normal girl. She has lived in Seabreeze, Alabama her whole life. Her mom isn’t the greatest. She’s never around, but when she is, she never cares about Sadie. Sadie’s mom sees several guys at once, so when she ends up pregnant, Sadie has to go to work for her.

The day Sadie goes to Jax Stone’s summer house, she is automatically greeted with open arms. Jax Stone arrives the very next day, but him and Sadie don’t become best friends. When Jax realizes that he has feelings for Sadie, Sadie automatically responds the same way.

Jax and Sadie become the perfect couple. But they have to keep their relationship in the house and away from the public. Then Jax takes Sadie to a beach party. Jax’s secret becomes uncovered and he has to leave Sadie behind. For the next couple of months, life for Sadie is complete, and utter hell. Then her mother has the baby.

Sam is the most adorable baby ever. But Sadie has to take care of him and her mother. As Sadie rushes home one day to get back to Sam, and check on him, she has a freak accident. Now no one is taking care of Sam. Sadie is in a coma for about 2-3 weeks. When she wakes up, Jax is right by her bedside. When he found out she was hurt, he rushed to her side, and never left.

Jax and Sadie may have had their problems, but they solved them eventually. After Sadie woke up, Jax professed his love and promised to never leave her side again. Jax shows that a man is never fully worried about himself when he cares for someone that deeply. Sadie shows that whatever may happen to you, whether it be heartbreak, or having to be there when nobody else is, you have to stand up, brush it off, and live again. This is why I liked this book.



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